Case study – Terraced garden design

Just loved this one, right from the start, great clients, challenging garden that sloped from side to side by almost 2 metres, and had a significant drainage problem. The garden was quite unusable.

Our client wanted to create a more manageable garden, with level areas, and a variety of spaces to enable the enjoyment of the sun.

Drainage needed to be improved, and the materials needed to reflect the house, as is was built of stone and on the fringe of a national park. Maintenance was to be low, with space to add to our initial planting.


Loved this one right from the go. Great clients and a challenging site
saw a slope of 2m from left to right get terraced to create a usable and
enjoyable space to use every day.

At site survey stage.

Showing the slope to the left and what we started with.

Foundations are in, let’s start building.

An Ariel shot here, mid build.

Walls are going up, using concrete block work,
and York stone walling to match the house.

Creating the main walls of the garden using
concrete blockwork, to enable the level sections.

An Ariel shot of the main garden showing
most of the level changes.

The slope on the right here enable the lawn
mower to reach the top lawn.

Looking down the garden from the right.

The upper lawn and sunny seating area.

The finished garden with York stone walling,
and usable areas to enjoy the space.