Summer news

Summer actions:

Hopefully from our last enews, you’ll have pruned your spring plants, creating more space and nurturing them for summer growth, as well as de-heading where necessary. Your bulbs, daffodils, tulips, snowdrops will have died down, and you’ll have considered your summer planting with the help of our planting suggestions. If not don’t worry we have more favourites here for you.

Flowers and perennials

Your spring bulbs; daffodils, tulips and crocuses that you planted last October, you will have let your bulbs die down naturally and you are replacing with Summer flowers.

You’ll have seen in our last enews that we gave you some of our favourites to be thinking about ready for the Summer planting season.

  • Lavender ‘Spanish Eyes’
  • Calendula ‘Touch of Red Mix’
  • Eschscholzia californica ‘Orange King’
  • Cosmos ‘Dwarf Sensation White’
  • Orlaya grandiflora
  • Papaver somniferum ‘Candy Floss’

Here are some more of our favourite flowers for the summer, to add colour to your garden. Whether you like vibrant bold purple of the Allium (windy city) or striking and dramatic Oriental and Asiatic Lillies, there are many to choose from and dependant on your personal choice and garden perspectives, consider planting in the shade as well as the types of soil your garden has to offer. We also like planting strong vibrant flowers, such as Dahlia, Salvia and Gladiolus.

For patio or decking pots we like to consider Oxalis (shamrock) with its beautiful clover shape leaves and delicate flowers, lavender troughs and we love all varieties of hostas, whether in pots or in the ground.

Vegetable and herb garden

Why not also add a little interest to your patio, adding some fresh vegetables, from basil, thyme, tomatoes, peppers, chillies and lettuce, you can create your own little vegetable and herb garden with style and colour. If you have room you can also grow bean, peas or cucumbers, all which look fantastic climbers and trailers (make sure you use a frame for support).

Weeding – Keep on top of those weeds!

Even though summer is here its key to keep on top of weeding in your garden!

We recommend hand weeding and regular hoeing to keep them away if you’ve not used a compost or wood mulch as a preventative. Your garden will look fresh and tidy with minimal effort, and allow your plants and flowers to blossom.

Do you want…

…to repair or replace your fence?
Does your fence need replacing from sufferance from the winter months or would you like to change the look and style of your fencing, add new additional fencing, change heights or divide your garden with fencing, pergolas, seating areas? Whether you need fence replacements or fence use and designs we can help you.

…to build a fire pit?
Do you want to use your garden throughout the summer months in to the evening, worried about keeping warm? Are you tempted by a fire pit, but don’t know where you would use it safely and to its best use in your garden, we can help. Whether it’s a designated area that you currently have that requires some adjustment to make is suitable and useable for a fire pit or if you would like an area designed to fit in your garden for a purpose built fire pit, we can help. You can view a project of a purpose built fire pit on our website here

…to define a seating and eating area?
Do you love spending time relaxing in your garden? Are you looking for a designated seating area? Whether it’s a place built with decking or paving suitable for dining and entertaining or if it’s the sun trap in your garden and you want to lounge around, or even a little retreat in the shade, we have ideas for all interests, from floating benches, decking and paving areas to cobbled little hideaways. Take a look on our website for our floating cedar bench project for inspiration and call us to see how we can help you make that seating or dining area special for you.

…to replace your driveway?
Are you wanting more space on your driveway? Do you want a defind area? Block paving, resin coating, paving? We are a Marshalls accredited driveway business. We can design a driveway for your needs whether in needs widening, replacing or a turning circle. Look on our website for driveway examples.
Outdoor living?
Would you like to use your garden more throughout the year? Whatever your requirements, whether you are a keen gardener or like the minimal look, we can design a creative solution for your needs.

Wanting a new seating area created or to refresh an existing area? Whether you are looking to replace a tired patio area, have a new decking area built, we offer a creative design service that will provide you with an outside living space that you can enjoy in your garden. We help people to extend their homes and their living lifestyle through into their garden by creating suitable dining and entertainment areas, from patios, decking, fire pits, seating beds.