Winter hints for putting your garden to bed

Winter hints for putting your garden to bed

With frost in the air and darker nights December can be a cold month, but before we sit back and let nature take over you can do a few things to prepare. We recommend that you take stock and look at these Autumn/Winter garden jobs:

• Does your fence need replacing?
Now is the time to consider if your fence needs replacing before the winter frost, wind and snow settle in. Whether it is wobbly, shabby, we can offer a full replacement fitting service to keep your garden protected and looking good through the winter months giving you piece of mind that your fence is substantial for the winter months.

• Time to trim your evergreen hedges.
By trimming back your hedges in these early winter months you will help your hedges prepare ready for new growth in Spring. Trim back the dead branches ready to encourage the new.

• Divide large perenials, filling gaps in your garden and reducing the size of the plant to grow back next year.
If you have large perenials that have enjoyed your garden this year and have grown throughout the year, now is the time to take stock and divide them, reducing the plant size for next year, freeing up some space for it to grow again and also provides you with another perenial that you like to plant in another location.

• Don’t be too tidy with those fallen leaves, gardens benefit from this layer.
Although it can be tempting to tidy up all the fallen, messy leaves thinking that they are doing harm to your lawn, they can be helpful in your garden, keeping frost and snow off the lawn with this extra layer. Enjoy the Autumnal colours and leave them to work for your garden.

• Clear out your greenhouse ready for spring.
If you haven’t managed, now is the time to have a clear out of your greenhouse, empty all your pots, putting any old used compost in the compost bin. Folding down all racks, covering and sheltering tools and watering cans from the cold weather. Pack up all your useful tools, mats and pots.

• Plant your spring flowering bulbs – daffodils, tulips and crocus.
Now is a good time to plant your bulbs ready for the coming spring, making sure you bury just deep enough to avoid the frost, yet far enough to grow through in Spring. This is the time to be thinking about the starting of spring and what it can mean for your garden and how you can add colour for then.

• Feed the birds, pile logs up for hedgehogs, frogs, beetles to shelter.
Keep on top of your bird feeders and any water that you put out for the birds. Keep an eye out for cats and birds in the winter months can be vulnerable prey at the time of year. Pile up logs in the garden near ponds and corners of fences to give shelter for frogs, hedgehogs, beetles and even spiders.

• Leave the grass alone, just rake and spike for aeration.
Be kind and leave your lawn, just spike a few time to keep the surface free and help drainage. This will help through the coming winter months with the water, frost and snow. You will benefit in the Spring with your maintained lawn. Be gentle and kind.

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