Bringing structure and form to your garden

“For a commentary I would say that we wanted a colourful and easily managed garden to replace a tired and worn out one, but did not have a clear idea of how we could achieve it. Two contractors told us they could cut down trees and remove the leaking pond, but only the third(Astek) had good ideas for re-building it and produced a plan and photographic evidence to demonstrate the final effect. The implementation was excellent. The project was efficiently managed, our thoughts were respected, we were always kept informed and the team leader’s skills were high. In the end, we had a garden that complimented the house and was exactly what we did not know we wanted. Terrific job.” – John and Tracey Walker

When it comes to constructing gardens, we ensure that things are built to last. With most of our work gained through recommendation we pride ourselves on our quality and service, therefore it is important for us to make sure that in ten years time your garden still looks at its best. We believe at Astek garden design and build that the devil is in the detail and this is where we excel. Just some of the details that we focus on are; making sure that our paving joints are even, clean and cuts are accurately tackled. That our brickwork or stonework is neat and level, woodwork joints are flush and that correct fixings are used for things to last. Specifications are used at the costing stage so that we build accurately, and that’s the way it stays.

When it comes to planting we set out and assess before planting to maintain the accuracy, and to make sure that all plants are treated with respect and have adequate space to grow and blossom. Planting is an important part of your garden structure, and feel, and we will work closely with you to achieve the right balance of colour, texture, maintenance needs and poersonality that is required. When the garden is under construction, it will be clean and tidy, and we involve you every step of the way and respect that this is your home. We pride ourselves that we build gardens with flair and accuracy, as we have a talented and experienced team. Don’t just take our word for it, read our testimonials and visit some of our designed and built gardens.