Commercial Projects

Recent Commercial Projects

Durham Cathedral.

From time to time, we do get asked to create areas for commercial projects, these can be quite interesting, and we find it hard to say no. These include projects such as laying a new 300mm sawn York stone floor inside Durham Cathedral. You can imagine that working on a Grade One listed English Heritage building is hard to say no to, particularly when we would be working to a 3mm tolerance over the whole area. Of course, we said yes!


Opened by the arch Bishop of York, we were proud to get
a mention, and be part of a great, successful project.

The finished floor now form part of a new shop and café inside Durham Cathedral,
a Grade one listed, English Heritage building that will be enjoyed by millions over
the years. We couldn’t say no.



The Arch Bishop TuTu Garden.

We have also recently built a communal garden for Arch Bishop Holgate School in York. Named ‘The Arch Bishop TuTu Garden, it was actually opened by the man himself. As with every project this came in on time, and on budget, and is enjoyed by everyone at the school.


This area is now used for outdoor teachings by the school and is a very valued place.

Walling is going up, these form a staged seating area for outdoor
teaching. Iroko timber is used on top of the brickwork.

Laying the brick pathways using handmade bricks.

Setting out for the main paths and seating arrangement.

The start of the Desmond TuTu garden.


The Spiritual Pathway.

Located at Clifton parish Church, the congregation had spent eight years hand making mosaic tiles that spelt out ‘Those Who Hope In The Lord Will Renew Their Strength, They Will Soar On Wings Like Eagles’

The design was to create a new driveway, and locate the each, individual tiles within the driveway, that lead into the church itself. This needed to be specified for heavy traffic also, and was a joy to be involved with.

Opened by The Arch Bishop of York, this will be there for many many years to come.


Opened by the arch Bishop of York, we were proud to get a
mention, and be part of a great, successful project.

The opening of the Spiritual Pathway.

We really enjoyed being part of this one, and it will be there forever.

Starting to place out all of the individual tiles made by
the congregation so that all fitted the design.

Creating the sub base for the driveway which needed
concrete to cope with the heavy delivery vehicles.


HC1 care home.

A care home company, that values its residents and its outside space, asked us to design and build an area for seating and planting, with raised beds for residents to plant their own bulbs.

Again, on time and on budget, this one has only just been completed, and the next project in Sunderland is in the pipeline.


A visual of the proposed garden.

A new layout shows a development for a care home in Leeming Bar
showing paths and raised beds, with planting and seating.

Raised beds and a new path for access to seating for residents.

The dig out stage for the HC 1 project in Leeming bar.

Visualising what we propose is really the best way to enable a view of the finished project.

The residents wanted some raised beds here so that they could enjoy pottering outside.