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Choosing a garden design company to work with in Boroughbridge York is tricky. Landscapers and garden designers bring different skills to the table. Landscape contractors in Boroughbridge York will bring lots of practical skills in many ways, and some may be able to offer some garden design skills. Often landscapers offer excellence in paving, driveways garden room building and other practical skills such as outdoor kitchens in Boroughbridge.


Professional garden designers in Boroughbridge York will look at the garden as a whole and offer garden design ideas that will be formed based on many factors. Boroughbridge has its own feel and style, and your garden is unique, as is your own style. Designing a garden in Boroughbridge will take all these factors in to account before suggesting a tailored proposal for your garden landscape.

Garden designers are trained to look at the aspect of the garden, the topography, along with the style of the house and its location, such as Boroughbridge and its surrounding villages. Garden designers also look at what materials and what plants will work best in the space given the brief from the client. Garden designers also look at the main needs of the client such as maintenance levels and how you would like to use your garden in Boroughbridge.

They have all these factors in mind before embarking on a garden design proposal so that it is a considered approach for your garden and its landscape.

If you are looking for a garden room perhaps or an outdoor kitchen in Boroughbridge, a professional garden designer will help integrate that into the garden successfully so that it feels as though it was always supposed to be there.

At Astek garden design and build, we have vast experience in building bespoke gardens, but are also professional garden designers and work in Boroughbridge and surrounding areas.

We offer a free initial consultation where we discuss your garden and your needs and provide a bespoke garden design service.

Along with this we also offer a full professional landscaping build service. Our teams are experienced in paving, walling, stonework, pond and water features, outdoor kitchens, porcelain paving and rendering, planting schemes, lawns and pergolas in Boroughbridge.

We have our own project manager, and all our landscaping services are guaranteed and insured.

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