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Finding a good garden designer in Collingham can be tricky. When thinking about employing a garden designer, it is important to choose a garden designer that you can connect with and one you feel you can communicate with successfully, and one that understands Collingham and Wetherby and how your own style and the style of your home and its location should come together to form the basis of the garden design.


Garden Designers look at every part of your garden and have a good understanding of the soft and hard landscaping elements and how they come together to successfully create a unique garden and outside space that will fit with your home in Collingham, Wetherby.

Choosing a quality landscaper in Collingham is also important, as a good landscaping company will be able to tackle the practical elements such as brickwork, stone walling, timber and metal pergolas, ponds and water features. Porcelain paving and cladding, raised beds and terracing, along with unseen elements such as suitable surface water drainage, irrigation and garden lighting all play an important role within your new garden.

Paying attention to the specifications and corrects landscaping methods is very important so that your garden lasts.

As Astek Garden Design & Build, we focus on creating a bespoke and tailored approach to the design and future of your garden. Whether you are hoping to create a traditional space or more modern contemporary garden designed to reflect your personal style, we work with you to create a design proposal that fits your budget as well as your style.

We offer a free initial garden consultation that covers Collingham and Wetherby where we discuss just what you are looking for, before creating a design quotation and client brief.

We are also landscape contractors and have a wealth of knowledge regarding hard and soft landscaping elements. All our work is guaranteed and insured, and we have our own dedicated project manager to ensure that the build of your garden in Collingham is an enjoyable and stress-free experience.

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