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What does your garden say about you?

What does your garden say about you?

What Does Your Garden say about you? Asks Richard Keast from Astek Garden design and build.

Or more importantly, what would you like it to say? How would you like it to make you feel? And, what would like to use it for? When? And How?

These are just some of the questions that I like to ask people, and then I listen…

I find people fascinating! We are a very diverse species, all with our own individual tastes, personalities, preferences, needs and wants.

Talking to people about their outdoor spaces has become a way of life for me, and I enjoy bringing out peoples individualities, personalities, styles, and solving problems, even if that problem is, ‘My garden takes too much of my time to maintain’ or ‘We would like to make it more useable, for more of the year’.

Creating gardens that are individually tailored to people and their homes is what we do, and sometimes that is just adding certain features and focal points that add a lot to a given space.

We don’t always get blissful weather here in Yorkshire but you don’t have to be in your garden to be able to enjoy how it looks, and how it makes you feel.

Gardens and their development needs vary for different people, so our service is completely bespoke. We are just as happy repairing your fence, as we are designing grand ideas for your perfect space.

Our service is unique as we aren’t like most garden designers because we have our own in house landscaping teams. We aren’t like most landscapers, as we are qualified and professional garden designers, so the process works seamlessly.

We come to your home so that we can discuss your perfect garden, completely free of charge and without obligation so that we can get a good feel for what you would like your garden to become, and if you feel that you would like us to help, then we can move forward with either some design work or a quotation. I lead the design and am personally involved in creating every project.

There are lots of things to do in the garden at this time of year. Our services as bespoke and tailored to your needs, so get in touch.

For more information, samples of Astek’s work and see what some of our customers say about us, visit

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