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Looking for a garden designer in Malton? Choosing a garden designer is harder than you think. Rather than choosing a landscaping contractor who may not be able to advise best on a creative and purpose lead design for your garden, garden designers should look at your own personal style, along with your home and where it is located.


Choosing a garden designer who ‘gets you’ and understands what your personal style is and how your outside space is a reflection of your home and its location. Malton and its closest villages are a mix of rural and more formal homes. Landscapers are often good at doing the practical elements, but creating a successful design for your garden is much more personal.

The skill of the landscaper is very important too though, once a design has been created. Like architects, a good garden designer that understands Malton and what makes it tick is invaluable when choosing to invest in your outside space, helping you not to make mistakes with your landscape.

Here at Astek, we provide good quality garden design advice, along with landscaping services in Malton. When we meet, we discuss your requirements for your garden and how you may wish to use it along with how we would choose to relate it back to your home. Using locally sourced stone form Malton for example helps to connect your garden with the local area.

Want a garden room or outdoor kitchen, no problem. Our landscaping teams are very skilled and are also overseen by our project manager to ensure that each garden project is built with specific specifications in mind with the main core elements of the design being reflected throughout the project.

So, if you are thinking about employing a garden designer in Malton, or a landscape architect to provide professional advice for you and your home, make contact with us. If you also need landscaping services in Malton, we do provide a broad range of landscaping services at competitive prices.

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